Top Ten Reasons Dodger Dropem Should Chair the District’s Finance Committee

10) Can help the district navigate the judicial system
9) Knows the ins and outs of kiting checks
8) Can put a Little Sleazer’s in every school and get rid of old boring school lunches
7) Knows which banks can be exploited for our gain
6) Has personal contacts with nearly every tax collecting agency
5) Knows just how much to pay to keep the creditors happy
4) Can help the district learn how to send free bulk mail
3) Will require all district employees to cash their checks through the in-house Little Sleazer’s
2) Collects secret pirate treasure maps for fun and profit

And the number one reason Dropem should chair the district’s finance committee….

1) He’s a snappy dresser

With Special Thanks to the Watchdogs of Federal Hocking

Originally Published February 26, 2007

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