The Top Ten Reasons For Not Passing an Operating Levy in 27 Years

10) Our students might learn something and be exposed to ideas and places beyond here.

9) If I wanted an operation, I’d go to the hospital, not the school!

8) I don’t vote – I’m too busy getting ready for deer season.

7) I hate that Woods guy.

6) Maybe Coolville can become part of the Belpre school district.

5) I live on the ridge and so I don’t have to worry about flooding. Let the people in the valley pay for it.

4) Why should I vote for a levy when an Ay Carumba! school bored member didn’t even show up at the polls?

3) Teachers might actually get paid salaries similar to other county and city school teachers.

2) The bricks in the old high school and the new middle school don’t match.

And the Number 1 Reason for Not Passing an Operating Levy in 27 Years IS —

1) It’s a tradition!

Originally Published February 3, 2003

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