Stupidity of School Bored Revives C.Y.A.

Originally Published February 12, 2007

SOMEWHERE IN SOUTHEASTERN OHIO – Four years have lapsed since the last incarnation of C.Y.A. graced the worldwide web. With the ousting of Toad Bayatme and the scambling of the Ay Carumba! network, it seemed that FedHock was well on its way to fulfilling its promise of being one of the most progressive and enlightened school districts in Ohio. Jimbo Manley’s hire as stuporintendent was seen as a generally “good thing.” But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Our end begins with the loss of Todd McGyver and Chuck Hopper, and the election of a new Ay Carumba! school bored majority head by Van Weekly, Dodger Dropem and Henny Penny. Sioux Redd and Johnny Elder, the minority voting members seem to have become increasingly disenfranchised from the entire school bored process. The staff of C.Y.A. sat back and reported nothing for the last two years of the current school bored arrangement.

But enough is enough! In the face of educational terrorism (i.e. massive reduction of staff without any thought to raising revenue), C.Y.A. must speak out. It is not enough that Jimbo Manley and his cohorts fight on to provide the best possible education for the district’s children. So we, the staff of C.Y.A. have returned yet again, to point out the absurdities and missteps of our popularly elected school bored leadership. It makes us wonder if destroying our school district is the true mission of Ay Carumba! After all, would an educated populace actually let them lead our educational mission if they knew any better?


For our views on creating divisiveness, please read our last “return” editorial.

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