Spelling Bee Loose in Elementary School

Originally Published February 26, 2007

Coolville Elementary was the scene of much excitement in past weeks, as a rare spelling bee was seen in the school. Spelling bees are usually only spotted once or twice a year, and when they rouse from their annual slumber, they generally provoke a great amount of turmoil, chaos and interest in gerunds. Unfortunately, a number of students were stung this year by the bee, but luckily no one suffered any allergic reactions. Principal Surely Doers said, “I’m extremely glad that no one had a reaction, because had someone been allergic, we have no school nurse.” According to some folk stories, being stung by the spelling bee actually makes one smarter for a short period of time. Scientists are being called in to use the stung students as guinea pigs to see if the stories are actually true.

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