Royal Buzz Crosses the Big Pond

Much ado surrounds the upcoming royal nuptials of William and Kate, but a similar buzz is reverberating throughout the Federal Hocking District. Emanating from Stewart Center, the excitement and tension can be felt to the farthest corners of the district and beyond.

What has set the district on edge? The upcoming coronation of King George I. Not to be overshadowed by “those other royals”, the once and future King took a tour of his kingdom-to-be to listen to the concerns of the current peasants and beggars. Although the king tried to blend in, it was fairly obvious who he was. Said one peasant, “I knew he wasn’t the king, because he didn’t have shit all over him.”

While the coronation itself will not occur until August 1, housecleaning has already begun. A new administrative structure will be implemented, along with new job titles for those lucky enough to be installed into the up and coming aristocracy.

Stan Abhorrence has been named the new Lord High Steward. This position is responsible for crowning the new king.

The new associate principal will be re-titled, Lord High Chancellor. This position is second only to that of the King.

It was no surprise that Bryce Flexistick was named Lord High Treasurer.

The other members of the Privy Council will include: Lord President of the Council, the yet to be named Coolville Principal; Lord Privy Seal, Kate Gadwill; The Lord Great Chamberlin,  LeRoi Questioner and Lord High Admiral, Mat Stoolr, who is in charge of the royal yellow fleet.

Other appointments to the Privy Council may occur as the need arises.

George I, of the newly formed Royal House of Timber, has many plans in store. Don’t forget to stay tuned to CYA for all the latest royal news!

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