Real Quotes of the Idiot Triumvirate

About Jimbo Manley
“You are an embarrassment to this community.” (Correction: This wasn’t said about Jimbo Manley from the bored, it was from the public to the bored.)
“He does not have a positive attitude.”
“The superintendent’s performance the past three years has been totally unacceptable.”
“I’m sticking with the statement I gave you.”

About the directive
“These are just guidelines for him to follow so he can be a better superintendent and we can all get along.”

About our students
”The only jobs that women can get in Southeastern Ohio are secretarial jobs.”
“Teaching’s just about over by time students get to the high school.”
“The elementary children are our future. I feel that more of our cuts should be made at the high school level.”
“It’s more challenging to teach 20 middle school students than 30 high school students….Little ones need a lot of one on one time and the high school kids can work on their own.”

About finances
“Nothing is free.”

About the bleacher funding
“I’m an optimist. I’ve belonged to several service organizations that have raised that much money through one event.”

April Fool’s!! None of these are a joke! They’re real!!!

Originally Published April 2, 2007

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