Praise For Direct Instruction

Originally Published December 10, 2001

AMESVILLE/COOLVILLE – Aides at both elementary schools couldn’t say enough positive things about the relatively new direct instruction programs implemented at the elementary schools over the last two years.

“I always wanted to be a teacher, but didn’t have the time, money or drive to actually complete a four year college program,” said Ezra Durr. “I love that I can be a teacher now, and I don’t actually have to think in order to be one,” she continued. Megan Doit, another aide, agreed with Durr. “I think that it’s great. Anyone who can read can make this program work. I sure am glad that I passed freshman English in high school.”

Some teachers also like the direct instruction program. “Before, I had to actually plan lessons and think about what it was I wanted to do. Now, I only have to follow a script,” said Ed Upchuck, who teams with Salome Dye. “I love knowing just what it is I need to do. I love training students. They are just like little circus monkeys.” The Upchuck and Dye team acknowledged that they sometimes differ in how they think the students should be taught. Upchuck likes to use bananna treats, whereas Dye thinks that good communal grooming is best.

Superintendent Bayatme is also in favor of the program and denies that teachers have left the district because of it. “I think that it is great for schools and for society,” Bayatme said. “We save money, because we can use aides, which cost us a lot less money. Since we are just doing drill and kill, even the aides might learn something new.” About being good for society, Bayatme commented that, “Society needs to be well ordered and well conditioned. We really don’t want people thinking for themselves and making informed decisions. We certainly don’t want to encourage creativity. Why that would go against everything the Ay Carumba! network stands for, and I am supported by them 100%!”

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