King George Succeeds in Palace Revolution!

King George, aided and abetted by the School Bored, was able to complete a Palace revolution mere months before his official coronation.  Obviously, the King was no longer willing to pull strings from behind the scenes.

Reports from the latest last-minute bored meeting indicated that Jimbo Manley was summoned to the bored chambers. Soon thereafter, King George emerged victorious. Of Jimbo Manley, there was no further sign, except it was rumored that a person wearing an iron mask was quickly removed from the chambers via a back exit. The rather ominous official bored statement was that Mr. Manley was ‘in need of early retirement.”

While the royal paparazzi may be rejoicing at the premature elevation, most peasants were dismayed by the turn of events. “We thought we’d at least have one more season of planting the fields we know best,” was a common theme of discussion. The peasants are worried that they will have to show an increase in yields and quality of produce with all new crops or else suffer the lash.

“It’s a real issue,” said Jack Straw and Wat Tyler.

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