King George Celebrates Paper Jubilee!

While the 1st anniversary of the coronation of King George might have passed unnoticed by some, there has been an on-going celebration of King George’s ascendancy – the Paper Jubilee.

Appropriately enough, the Paper Jubilee has been celebrated primary, well, on paper – or at the very least, in some sort of print. But it has also involved paper in all kinds of creative ways.

Some of the hallmarks of the Paper Jubilee have included:

  • Free paper wad stress balls!
  • Changing job descriptions, on paper, to get rid of a particular position in order to remove a particular person. This is the kinder, gentler way of getting rid of someone. It’s not (obviously) personal this way!
  • Creating new fiction!
  • The acquisition (or creation) of paper mache staff – no spines needed – or wanted!
  • Turning contracts into artfully folded origami pieces!
  • Random confetti blizzards made from the board policy handbook!
  • Expanding royal pronouncements, including the infamous and hearty motivational articles, via the electronic in-house news letter (saving trees.)
  • Expanding royal pronouncements via the revived district-wide newsletter (killing more trees than ever!)
  • Repurposing faculty calendar recommendations as toilet paper!
  • Streamers! Streamers! Streamers!

And of course, the best way to celebrate a paper jubilee, will be to write a new autobiographical book about being the King!

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