Editorial: Owning the Keys to the Kingdom

We are well into the reign of King George and this prompts us to take a closer look at what is currently going on with the man who now owns the keys to the kingdom.

Since taking the reins/reign, King George has embarked on a subtle smear job of the past stuporintendent, Jimbo Manley. He doesn’t actually come out and say that Manley was a bad stuporintendent, but the inference is always there. Whether the King is giving a speech to staff, talking to the press, making a report to the school bored or just talking to anyone about the past state of the kingdom, King George implies that every misstep, gaffe or mistake can personally be laid at the feet of the previous stuporintendent.

The latest and most blatant evidence of this was the supposed calendar mistake. Manley and his employees screwed up – and that was going to cost everyone in the Kingdom two days off – President’s Day and Good Friday. While we weren’t sure why the King didn’t just add two days on to the end of the year, we have a couple of thoughts on this. Our first thought was that the King doesn’t really seem to see a need for presidents (They’re actually voted on by people in a democratic process – so why celebrate it?) or Fridays that might be good. But the more compelling reason is that adding two days at the end of the school year isn’t a big deal – because school days get added to the end of the year all of the time due to calamity/snow make-up days. Instead, we think that the King just couldn’t pass up a chance to publicly and directly humiliate the previous stuporintendent for making such a fundamental mistake. If Manley (or his secretary) couldn’t even count days right, and let’s not forget that Manley is personally responsible for everything, then all of those previously sly slanders about Manley’s incompetence must be true.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Someone got the bright idea to actually count the days in the now revised calendar. Lo and behold it was found that there are two too many days now – which means that the old calendar was correct all along. The King probably forgot that those parent-teacher conference nights are actually counted as working days for teachers – not really a big deal. It does, however, illuminate two issues with what has been happening in the Kingdom about which we would like to comment.

First – the King is not infallible. Hello? Is this really news? It may be to the King.

Second – and more importantly – the King has now set a dangerous precedent. According to him, the position of stuporintendant – now known as the King – is ultimately and personally responsible for everything that happens in the kingdom. Hasn’t this concept been the basis of his on-going PR campaign? And if this is true – then everything that goes wrong is the King’s fault! So how can he manage the inevitable blow back?  We believe that the King has a cunning plan. He has created a system of scapegoats and easily disposable lackeys upon which he can place the blame – while thus maintaining power without having to ultimately be responsible for the consequences of wielding that power.

It makes for an uneasy kingdom.

The King’s handling of the matter will be  interesting. Who will take the fall for this one? Surely the King would have double checked this himself or is it simply that counting days is beneath the dignity of the King? Because if the King didn’t count them himself, then isn’t he as negligent as he presumed Manley to be?

In all of this, is there any good news? We guess so. It looks as though school may be off for President’s Day and Good Friday again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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