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The Return of C.Y.A.: The Editorial Board Speaks Out

Originally Published February 3, 2003
SOMEWHERE IN SOUTHEASTERN OHIO – It was with heavy heart that the editorial board of C.Y.A. got back together to ponder the goings on in the local newspaper. It seemed that the Bayatme crisis was again rearing its ugly (and we mean REALLY ugly) head. In light of Bayatme’s positive self-promotion and the continuing divisiveness in the community because of it, C.Y.A. is again putting itself on the line by publishing political absurdity.

Connie Spires, original founder of C.Y.A., feels that C.Y.A. is not about creating new divisiveness. “We are about pointing out the flaws in the current system, and to be a voice for thinking people everywhere. It’s difficult for people to understand the district’s problems, particularly in light of all of the misinformation that is spread around by the current administration. It is true,” she continued, “that divisiveness exists, but this is not new, nor is it caused by our publication.”

Reeve Eeling, another board member continues, “We make people uncomfortable, because we show that the divisiveness exists. For some people, they are only interested in maintaining the status quo. When they read our articles, they can’t just pretend there isn’t a problem by ignoring it.”

“Although ignoring it is what they want to do,” continues Heady Berried, associate editor. “The members of Ay Carumba! would love to think that we are causing the problems. But that is to completely ignore the facts. Like they have ever let facts stop them before,” she continued.

Layout editor, Truly Said, has been with the project from the beginning, having been recruited by Spires. “We decided from the beginning that although there were serious issues to be addressed, we should also have some fun. So our website has always been a mix of satire, parody, and just plain goofiness. Hopefully people are entertained as well as educated,” she said.

“As long as people feel the need to use the media to further their own personal agenda at the expense of others, particularly students within our school district, there will always be those who stand up in opposition,” said Spires. “Free speech is one of our most important rights and responsibilities. We will always be a voice raised in the interest of equality and equity.”

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