Dropem-Weekly blow school funds over personal vendetta

Originally Published April 2, 2007

It was revealed in recent weeks that Dropem and Weekly have been consulting with a high-priced attorney out of Columbus. Sources say that these two have been acting without the knowledge of the rest of the bored and are trying to nail Jimbo Manley with vague descriptions of misconduct. Seeing as how these bored members have turned down free consultation from both the county prosecutors office (“They know me too well there,” states Dropem.) and the Ohio School Bored’s lawyer (“They know our bored too well there,” states Weekly) we wonder that since the two went out on their own that they shouldn’t pay the bill out of their own pockets. After all, if Henny Penny is right and she didn’t know anything about it (convenient, that, eh?) then they weren’t actually consulting on behalf of the bored, because the bored didn’t know. Pay up, guys. Your personal grudges shouldn’t have to come out of the district’s coffers – especially as how you have no trouble turning down a free paid administrative position, rent and tech money. Also, you’ve cut how many teaching positions? Thirteen or fourteen? Maybe you should be looking to your own personal financial misconduct. Did you realize that by putting Juan Armpit back into a teaching position, you are actually going to be costing the district another $10,000 – $15,000?

You are SO right, Mr. Weekly. Nothing comes without strings. Ever hear of that saying where you give someone enough rope and they hang themselves?

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