Dropem strikes again – almost!

Originally Published April 9, 2007

While children around the district were snuggled in their beds awaiting the annual orgy of consuming chocolate rabbits, marshmallow peeps and a whole host of other Easter candy, Dodger Dropem, entrepreneur extraordinaire, was lurking stealthily amongst snow dusted bushes. His latest money making scheme involved catching the Easter Bunny and selling the candy for huge profits. Dropem also had plans to market a new “Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow” Little Sleazer’s pizza featuring rabbit meat. Witnesses reported seeing Dropem hiding in the bushes holding a string tied to a stick which was propping up a large box with a carrot underneath. Luckily for the children in our district, Dropem was unsuccessful in getting the drop on the bunny. Apparently, Santa recently added Dropem to his “permanently rotten to the core” list. Santa regularly e-mails this list to the other holiday treat givers and so the Easter Bunny skipped the Dropem household this year.

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